Let's explain why it happen.


Last Update 6 個月前

While using Fruitask, you may encounter the following issues:

1. Technical glitches: Occasionally, you might experience technical issues or glitches that could affect the functionality or performance of the platform. We continuously work to minimize such occurrences and provide a smooth user experience.

2. Network connectivity: Your experience with Fruitask may be impacted by your network connection. Unstable or poor network connectivity can result in slower loading times or difficulties in accessing certain features. We recommend ensuring a stable internet connection for optimal usage.

3. Compatibility: Fruitask is designed to work across different devices and browsers. However, certain features or functionalities may vary depending on the specific device, operating system, or browser you are using. We strive to provide broad compatibility but encourage you to use up-to-date software for the best experience.

4. User errors: Mistakes or errors can occur while using the platform, such as accidental deletion of data or improper configuration of settings. It's important to exercise caution and double-check your actions to avoid such issues. We recommend utilizing features like data backup and confirmation dialogs to mitigate user errors.

5. Security vulnerabilities: While we employ robust security measures, no system is completely immune to potential security vulnerabilities. We continually monitor and update our security protocols to protect your data. If you come across any security concerns, please report them to our team immediately.

If you encounter any issues while using Fruitask, we are here to help. Please reach out to our support team, and we will assist you in resolving the problem promptly.

Permission Denied

This error message is when you're removed as a collaborator in a shared workplace.


1. Add as collaborators

2. Become the workplace owner 

Invalid Access

This error message is kind of similar to "Permission Denied", however this message shows from the backend API only. You don't have access to change a data or pull a data if you're not the owner or even a collaborators.


1. Become the workplace owner

403 Please try again

The resources is missing or the workplace is completely curropted. This leads to workplace deletion.


1. Try again one more time

2. If it's a shared workplace, ask somebody to add you as collaborators again.

Handshake Failed

This failure in transferring something such as, transfer table ownership, accepting workplace invitation.


1. Repeat the process either send the workplace again and try again.

Payment Failed

Processing payment transactions. This probably payment method or payment provider problem.


1. Update your payment card

2. Try again

3. If issues didn't resolved, contact us.

Something Is Wrong

This is a general error code. Usually, it means that the workplace or page is unavailable. 

Payment Interrupted

This error message appears when your account upgrade is interrupted although you paid for it successfully.

Plan Not Found

This error message appears when the plan you're looking for is no longer available. 

Processing Payment Failed

This error message appears when an error occurs on our payment partner's end.


This error message appears when someone is bypassing the page. 

Form Link Is Broken

This error message appears when the owner removed the form. 

Token Expired

This error message appears when your limited access on a page has expired.

Link Closed

This error message appears when an invitation link has been removed or deleted.

Link Expired

 This error message appears when the link has expired or has been put in time-out.

Users Limit

A sender of an invitation link could set a limit of amount of users that it could accept. If that limit has been reached, the link would no longer accept new users and this code would appear. 

Already Accepted

This error message appears when you have been successfully added in the workplace.

Account Security

This error message appears when your accessing a page or a url that is not yours and also not available.

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